Making the Snow Globe

Every month I do a new ‘How-to’ illustration for the wonderful Kit Magazine. Decembers how-to was a Snow Globe (seen at the bottom of the post). Here’s how I got on with it:

I got the cute penguin figures from Waterstones for £4.99. They were more expensive than I have envisioned, but shopping around it looks like you’ll have to pay about this for any plastic toy/figure you’d like in your globe.

I was worried initially about the glitter not sinking too fast- but it actually all floated to the top! Nevertheless, it makes a lovely effect when shaken. I would say don’t add too much glitter, however tempting that is….I added a few different kinds as well. Don’t go overboard with the glycerine either, water works quite well at stopping the glitter from falling too fast. You could even try forfeiting the glycerine and see how well the jar fares if you want to save a few pennies. Lots of tutorials say glue the lid on- but the water may get manky and may need changing so I believe it’s best to just screw it on incase the water and glitter needs changing.

When it comes to filling the jar with water don’t be afraid to fill it nearly to the top to stop an air bubble appearing. The end effect is really lovely- and best of all it was easy to make. The Penguins really do look like they are huddling in an arctic blizzard. Try making this as a gift or winter decoration for the home. Snow globes- not just for christmas!

Easyness rating:

I managed it, so it must be fairly easy

Time taken:

10 mins (apart from leaving the glue and paint to dry, the globe takes no time at all to make)

Money spent:

Silver spray: £6.25
Figurine: £4.99
Jam Jar: Free!
Glitter: £1.00
Glycerine: £1.59
Superglue (x 2 tubes in pack): £1.00
TOTAL: £14.83

This may seem alot, but all of the things bought new can be used again and again so the price per use is not too bad.




2 thoughts on “Making the Snow Globe

  1. Darling snow globe!

    As a snow globe artist, one tip I’d like to share if folks are making snow globes using jars with lids. Glue your cute figurine on a “riser” — this can be a pebble, a plastic bottle cap, or a few acrylic jewels … something so that the figure is lifted higher than the lip of the jar lid and is fully visible.

    That way, everyone gets the full impact of how special the inside figure looks.

    Cheers, and happy shaking!

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