Open for business: My Etsy Shop

That’s right my new shop is finally open! I will be selling mostly greetings cards to begin with but will be branching out into other products, such as prints later on in the year. I sell in the UK, but will hopefully be selling internationally in the next year.

I currently have 1 listing, but I will be posting one new listing a day, (which is apparently the best way to be seen on Etsy) with lots of current and brand new designs coming up. I have now finally sorted out a dedicated Facebook page too, where you can expect to see all my Design and Illustration work, work in progress, sketches and product updates. I’m hoping to have a website up and running in the next month or so aswell. It was one of my NY resolutions to become a more established freelance artist, and to make a real effort to get my work seen and meet more clients. I have worked in the past with a lot of local businesses and really enjoy getting to meet my clients and establish their personality for any design work I create.

The only problem with Etsy is its completely saturated with so many people, owls are a pretty common feature. My card is one of a staggering 24,000 owl related products (and thats just paper goods!) I will be bringing out some more original work and hopefully have a chance to be quite creative over the next year, to see what works and what doesn’t, so keep your eyes a-peeled!

Shop opening 2


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