The 5 best things about Cornwall

Bless my bleddy soul, ’tis St.Pirans day! To celebrate the day of our patron saint I’ve listed 5 of my favourite things about Cornwall.

1. The Food

Cornish people love their food, especially anything wrapped in pastry.  Instead of being obvious and telling you my favourite is the pasty, I’m going to tell you about the next best thing. Egg and bacon pie. It sounds and looks like a quiche, but it doesn’t really compare, and it’s not weirdly sloppy. It’s made with v.thick pieces of bacon and sometimes with whole eggs- on the whole it’s just bleddy great. Don’t ruin it by adding peas.


2. The Art

There is a big art scene in Cornwall , and my favourite artist working here has got to be  Christopher Tate. He draws the Cornish landscape like no other. Beautiful sketchy lines and great bold colour combo’s in ink, these paintings are really fantastic up close too and can be seen in Lemon street market in Truro at the moment. It’s definitely bit of a relief from all the fucking camper van pictures.


3. The Folklore, stories and legends

Cornwall is rich in all of these, but my very favourite is the story of Tom Bawcock- where a brave old sailor goes out into a stormy sea, so he may go fishing and feed the starving village of Mousehole (pronounced Mowzle). This is celebrated on the 23rd of December every year in Mousehole with a festival. The harbour in Mousehole is also decorated all over in lights, and is a must see.

This story was developed into a great children’s picture book called ‘The Mousehole cat’- written by Antonia Barbar and illustrated by Nicola Bayley. Here, Tom takes his cat mowzer out to sea with him so her melodious meowing can sooth the raging sea (who is also a cat). Also it end’s with a great banquet of food made from Tom’s catches. Cat’s and food, what’s not to like.


4. The festivals

I don’t really have a favourite here, I love ALL of them. They all revolve around food, drinking competitions, weird rituals, the flora dance (a sort of jig), parades, bunting and food. Feast weeks, Flora day, the lantern parade….like everyone us Cornish love an excuse to drink and eat in celebration.


5. The places

Pretty beaches aside, Cornwall has a rugged landscape to rival any Brontë novel. Carn Brea near Redruth has a great views across the country side , and you can just see Gwithian beach sweep round into St.Ives. Bodmin moor (below) is also basically Rohan, and a great placed for an intrepid walk.

Brown Willy on Bodmin Moor viewed on an autumn (November) afternoon

So those are my top 5 things about my home-place. Gool Pyran Lowen! Happy St.Pirans day! Cornish is basically welsh.


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