The Cornish Flag


Here’s my first print for my shop! This originally started out as a quick sketch for St.Pirans day (The Cornish patron saint), and ended up becoming a long-time project. The flag is full of my favourite things about Cornwall, and gave me the chance to get to grips with a typography-based print which I’ve been looking to do for a while. The flag features local food, drink, the dialect, the best local areas, our rich history, legends and culture. It’s been inked with Black indian ink, and drawn using several kinds of nibs.

This will be available in my Etsy shop soon, I just have to find a good printers and some good quality paper.

In the future I’ll be making more maps in the same style! With an imminent move to Aberdeen I’m looking forward to doing that one for Scotland, in the same style using blue ink.  If there are any Scot’s who want to tell me the things you’d like to see in a map of Scotland, let me know. So far on my list I’ve got Lochs and deep-fried mars bars.


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