One tonne of water

This year the Royal National Lifeboat Institution has launched a campaign called ‘Respect the water’ in collaboration with London design agency, the Leo Burnett group. I have to admit the campaign caught my eye because of the excellent typography, but the sad news that over 200 people die accidentally each year in British and Irish waters. shows how important it is to remember that beautiful though the sea can be a dangerous place if you don’t respect your limits in the water.

The campaign has been rolled out in lots of different formats: The parallax scrolling webpage on the RNLI website (clip below) shows shocking fact’s about how quickly you can be in danger in the water.

Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 11.44.59

Then there’s the tonne of water (the first thing to catch my attention), an interactive piece which challenges you to move one tonne of water, which isn’t as much as you would think. They were placed in strategic places around the coast in Britain.
It’s incredibly hard to move, and it enforces the fact that out in the sea surrounded by powerful currents even the strongest swimmer can’t fight against the sea, as this quote from shows.

“You may also be surprised to know that just one metre cubed of water weighs a tonne, and that is not a lot of water. Although as water safety professionals some of this may seem obvious, our research shows that many of those most at risk underestimate such facts, and therefore put themselves in situations of increased and unnecessary risk.”

Michael Avril with a tonne of water in Edinburgh
Michael Avril with a tonne of water in Edinburgh

Credit: RNLI/Henry Weaver 

People have also been sharing their personal stories about losing loved ones or RNLI rescue missions on the RNLI website.

What’s so amazing about the RNLI is that it’s nearly 100% funded by charity, less than 2% of the RNLI’s funding comes from the government, which is amazing for such an crucial service. Please show your support today and make a one off donation, or become a regular donor.


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